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Welcome to the pages of Girton Parish Church on the Girton Village Web Site. People have worshipped God in this village, in churches on the site of the present one for over one thousand years. Today the Church remains a living community of people of all ages seeking to explore God's plans for the world and to serve the community near and far.

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Rector: Rev. Dr. Mandy Maxwell
42 Church Lane, Girton CB3 0JP
Tel: 276235

Associate Priest: The Revd. Christine Barrow
2 Cockerton Road, Girton CB3 0QW
Tel: 277674

Licensed Lay Ministers:
Mr Dugald Wilson tel: 276940
Mrs Christina Deacon tel: 525337

Mrs S. Hiley, 1 Fairway, tel. 277296

Service times
Message from the Rector

Service times

Please come and go, and stay as long as you like.

Sunday Services: January
4th 10.00am Holy Communion
8.00pm Taize worship

11th 8.00am BCP Holy Communion
10.00am All Age Family Worship
6.00pm BCP Evensong
18th 8.00am BCP Holy Communion
10.00am Holy Communion
6.00pm BCP Evensong
25th 8.00am BCP Holy Communion
10.00am Morning Prayer
6.00pm BCP Evensong
Weekday Services: January

5th 3.00pm Discussion Group at Gretton Court
13th 2.30pm (new time) Service of Holy Communion (CW) at Abbeyfields
28th 11.00am Service of the spoken word at St Vincent's Close Community Centre
29th 10.00pm Service of Holy Communion (BCP) at Gretton Court
Please Note: Every Wednesday there is a service of Holy Communion (BCP) in the North Room of St Andrew's. The 10am Sunday services use contemporary language from Common Worship.


St Andrew's Church Sunday Club

Sunday Club is for children aged 3 - 11. We meet in school term time during the 10 am Sunday service, starting off in Church and going either to the North Room or the Cotton Hall.

Coffee Stop

Coffee Stop is a chance to come together to meet old friends and new for a cup of coffee and a chat. It takes place in the North Room at St Andrew's Church between 10.30 am and 12.00 pm each Tuesday. There is always a warm welcome, and no charge. Do feel free to drop in any Tuesday. There is flat access to the North Room - follow the path around the church tower.

Girton Church House Group

The House Group is a mid-week discussion group, meeting fortnightly for Bible study, discussion and fellowship. The group meets on a Wednesday, starting on 9 February. For more details please contact Christina Deacon on 525337.


Activity for children aged 3-11 during the main Sunday Service.

New Year, New Journey

The New Year sees the church calendar turn towards Epiphany. The 6th of January marks the feast of the Epiphany; we recall wise men from the East bearing gifts and following a star which would lead them to the baby Jesus. Epiphany means 'manifestation' and in this season we see how Jesus is 'manifest' - how he is revealed for who he is. All this reminds us that we too are on a journey - the journey of life.

One inspirational life journey to kick-start the New Year is the biography of Gladys Aylward, a missionary to China. Ms Aylward was born in 1902. She grew up in London and left school at 14 with one exam under her belt. She worked first for Marks & Spencer, then for the Penny Bazaar, and afterwards as a parlour maid. Since a young age, Gladys had harboured a God-given passion to work in China. When she first applied to serve as a missionary through the China Inland Mission she was rejected on the grounds that she was not thought capable of acquiring the necessary linguistic skills. Undaunted, Gladys sold many of her personal possessions and worked as hard as she could to save for a third-class ticket to China on the Trans-Siberian Railway. In October 1930 she took the train through Russia, Japan and on to China.

Gladys joined an older Scottish missionary, Jeannie Lawson, in Yangcheng, north China. They decided to open an inn to cater for travellers; eventually the inn also functioned as a church. After Jeannie's death, the provincial Mandarin asked Gladys to become the local foot inspector. Chinese foot-binding for girls had been common practice as small feet were considered desirable and were thought to enhance marriage prospects, but the process of acquiring them also caused much pain and suffering. The Mandarin issued the unpopular decree that this custom should end. As a foreigner, Gladys was the ideal enforcer. She took up the post and soon became aware that it gave her ample opportunity to tell people about Jesus Christ.

Over time, Gladys learned the local languages in the highland areas around Yangcheng. She cared for abandoned children at the inn. Many of the local people became Christians. The war between the Chinese and Japanese eventually forced Gladys to leave with one hundred children in her wake. Together they hiked across the mountains and the Yellow River to relative safety in Siam. Gladys returned to Britain in 1949. She later travelled to Taiwan where she opened an orphanage. Gladys Aylward died on the 2nd of January in 1970 at the age of 61. Her life was an extraordinary journey of courage, faith and stoicism. I hope that the story of Gladys Aylward may inspire you to start the New Year with the determination to make the most of the journey ahead. Angela, our GPN editor, has reminded me that Gladys's story was the inspiration behind the film The Inn of the Sixth Happiness, starring Ingrid Bergman. If, like me, you have not seen it, maybe track it down in your spare moments.

Mandy Maxwell


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