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Notes of Parish Meetings

Notes from the Parish Council Meeting - February 2009

The following were amongst items discussed at Parish Council meetings and information received by the Clerk. The full minutes may be found here.

1. Meeting on Crime in Girton - Wednesday 4th February 2009
Since the report in January's Parish News crime in the village has returned to the level normally expected in a village of this size thanks to the increased presence of the police. Nevertheless a recent "smash & grab" outside the doctor's surgery when the rear windscreen of a car was broken shocked those who were close by.

An unexpected consequence of highlighting recent car crime and burglaries is that people who have been suffering in silence have begun to share their experiences. The police encourage this as they focus their resources where there are known to be problems. With this in mind the Anti Social Behaviour Officer at South Cambridgeshire DC has organised a coffee morning at 11am at St Vincents Close Community Centre on Wednesday 4th February. Representatives of the police and Parish Council will attend. Please come to voice any concerns you may have.

2. Freedom of Information Scheme (information for local residents on request)

All local authorities are now required to make available information they hold except where this conflicts with the Data Protection Act (e.g. personal details). Please contact the Parish Clerk if you would like details on:
" Who we are and what we do
" What we spend and how we spend it
" What our priorities are and how we are doing
" How we make decisions .
" Our policies and procedures
" Lists and Registers
" The services we offer

3. Car parking in the village
Girton Parish Council has received a number of complaints about inconsiderate parking within the village. These range from parking at junctions, on verges, the obstruction of entrances and exits, and parking on pavements. Other problems include parking in such a way that other vehicles are forced to mount kerbs damaging tyres and causing wheels to 'cut up' soft verges. Areas of poor parking include the Thornton Road, Girton Road junction; Woody Green, Duck End area; Church Lane, Cambridge Road junction (Smithy Green); and others.

It is important that vehicles are parked safely and that they do not cause an obstruction or prevent Police, Fire and Ambulance vehicles from attending properties in an emergency. Please consider the consequences of your parking before you leave your vehicle and be considerate to your neighbours.

4. Town End Close - Girton's Nature Reserve
Those who visit our nature reserve opposite Woody Green will see some activity shortly when fencing, hedging and grass cutting will be done as part of our management agreement with English Nature. Volunteers who would like to assist the warden, and newly reformed working group for this site would be most welcome. Please contact the Parish Office.

5. Secretarial help needed
The Chairman of our Environment Committee (& Vice Chairman of the Council) would be very grateful for secretarial assistance. Whilst still very active in the Parish he is no longer able to read letters, emails, and reports as he has lost his sight. A small remuneration is available for a discrete patient person with a sense of humour who would be interested in learning about the surprisingly wide range of issues that the Council deals with. Enquiries to the Parish Clerk please.

6. External audit of Girton Parish Council's Annual Return for 2007/08
Moore Stephens, the chartered accountants who are the external auditors for the Parish Council have completed and closed their audit of the Council's annual return for year ending 31 March 2008. One issue was drawn to the attention of the Council, as detailed below. This will be actioned this year.

"Fixed Asset Registers should be maintained for all fixed assets owned by the Council whether these are land, play equipment, computers, street lamps, or any other item".

Forthcoming Meeting. The next Parish Council meeting will be held on Wednesday Wednesday 18th February 2009 at St Vincent's Close Community Centre. The meeting will begin at 7.30pm. Members of the parish are welcome to attend.