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Girton Youth Project - Easter 2006


Easter Madness was an apt name for the Easter programme as you would've been mad to have missed it! There were nine days of activities based in Cotton Hall and Girton Pavilion hosted by Darryl McMurray, Joe Beddow, Hannah Flitton, Emily Flitton and Abby Flitton.

The varied programme included tower building, bouncy boxing, gladiators, t-shirt designing to name just a few. There were also day trips swimming, bowling and ice skating.

The programme was designed to meet the needs of everyone who attended and encouraged the young people to try new things and activities. While participating in the activities the young people were improving their personal and social skills through team games and group work.

Many of the activities were also designed to develop communication skills, team work and enable to the young people to gain self respect and respect for others, including staff.

Each day was split into two sessions, a morning session and an afternoon session. This was decided as it gives the staff a break in between and it also enables staff to set up the next activity in time and to a good standard instead of rushing around and making mistakes. It also gives the young people a break and keeps their interest in activities, as a long day often results in restlessness and activities can lose their buzz.

Day 1 of the Easter Madness programme kicked off with two inflatable activities, Gladiators and bouncy boxing. Great fun was had by all the young people who tested their strength, balanced and endurance against each other in a safe and fun environment.

The staff even got in on the act to see who the ultimate champ was. It goes without saying who that was!

The second day of the Easter Madness programme saw the numbers increase by a large number. Trips that were organised were soon full to capacity. The Easter programme challenged the young people to show their creative sides through activities such as t-shirt designs and various art and craft activities.

The weather was on our side again and the rain held off which meant we do a lot more activities outside. The whole scheme was a success and could not have been achieved without the help of the young people attending, all the staff Han, Ab, Em and Jo and of course without the support from Girton Town Charity.


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