Open For Business: Managing diversification and change

SouthCambs District Council are hosting a free event for businesses on 27th May to help you cope in difficult times…

This is a difficult time to run a business and mental health can suffer. This free event explores how to look after yourself and your business.

About this event

Mental health problems are increasingly affecting people during the Coronavirus restrictions and is among the leading cause of sickness absence in the workplace. Added to the stress of keeping your business going during the current pandemic, there are many reasons people need support; financial insecurity, not seeing family, friends, colleagues or customers. Whatever the size of your business, everyone needs help sometimes. Our guest speaker Nick Elston will explore ways to help you cope in these difficult times.

There are many stresses in having to pivot, diversify and run new operating models quickly. Many businesses have had to move their businesses online or to delivery only very quickly. How can you manage and cope being always on, always needing to be agile and learning new skills and ways of thinking?

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