Tea and Cakes for Ukraine – Thank you!

Dear Girton

This is a quick update. Thank you for your huge support for the fundraising event yesterday in support of Ukraine. The donations of cakes, bread, handmade sweets and brooches, as well as the volunteers who helped on the day with serving cakes, making tea, clearing tables, washing up, hoovering and mopping floors, was tremendous. We were truly humbled by the response from Girton.

Many of you, your family, friends from Girton and the wider community came to drink tea, eat cake and meet others to chat. Friends who have not met for a while so enjoyed catching up and smiles abounded. The atmosphere was amazing and your generous donations flowed in all afternoon. We have also received cash donations and Just Giving donations from those who could not be there. Thank you all.

We have raised so far, combining cash donations and the Just Giving page, over £2,000, with donations still coming in. A huge amount. The precise amount will be posted as soon as we have it. A huge round of applause to you all for your generosity, with time as well as money. An added benefit of this event has been the conversation generated, let’s not lose sight of why we did this and keep this conversation going to ensure that Girton carries this buzzing initiative forward. We are aware that there are several families who will be opening their homes to Ukrainian refugees, perhaps our combined efforts and conversation now should turn to how we can support everyone in that venture.

We know that Girton is a supportive, caring community, we are so lucky to live here.

With heartfelt thanks to you all from Trish and Karen.