Road Closure in Girton from 8th January 2024

IMPORTANT Information on: Girton Road overnight closures

What is happening?
A short stretch of Girton Rd will be closed to traffic on some nights.

When is it happening?
Between 8pm and 6am on a number of nights between Jan and Jun ‘24.

Where is it happening?
Between Huntingdon Rd and St Margaret’s Rd, i.e. for about 150m from Girton Corner.

Why is it happening?
A new pedestrian and cycle crossing is being installed to make a better link with the crossing on Huntingdon Rd that lead to the Ridgeway.

Which nights will this be happening?
We don’t know at the moment, but we have asked that Highways give us some notice so that we can circulate the information as widely as possible.

How will I be affected?
Some evening and early morning no. 6 buses will probably stop at Girton Corner. Other traffic will be diverted via Oakington, but Thornton Road should remain open.