More information on initiatives with SCDC and CCC (including Highways)

In Dec 2022 Girton Parish Council put forward a proposal to make a joint application with Oakington & Westwick PC to Cambridgeshire County Council to introduce a speed reduction scheme on Oakington Rd (Cambridge Rd in Oakington), following a number of incidents, including one fatality. Residents were consulted, and the responses should a clear majority in favour. The proposal was approved by GPC in Jan 2023, and the application made by O&WPC.The application was successful, and CCC Highways have spent time putting a detailed plan together, which has been subject to revisions. The plan is now available, and the Parish Council’s approval is sought.The scheme can be summarised as follows:

  • New speed limits
  • Oakington Rd in Girton and Cambridge Rd in Oakington to become 30mph
  • From Manor Park Rd/Gretton School to the existing 20mph zone in Oakington and Westwick Parish Council
  • New Rd/Gatehouse Rd to become 40 mph
  • Additional infrastructure
  • Street lights approx. every 44m – only on one side
  • Speed cushion pairs approx. every 100m – 1.65m x 2m x 75mm
  • 30mph signs – in similar positions to the existing speed limit signs
  • Further note: No 30mph markings on road, except end of New Rd/Gatehouse Rd

This is all in line with the motion passed for LHI application in Jan 2023 by GPC and was what was proposed by CCC in Apr 2023.