Register of Interests

My name is Leslie (she/her), I am a documentary filmmaker with a background in design and currently work at the RSPB (Royal Society for the protection of birds). In 2020, I moved from London to Cambridge with my now fiancé Stanley to do a Masters degree. Two years ago we moved on to Girton. 

Having been born and raised in a village close to a University town in Germany, I feel very much at  home in Girton and enjoy walks through the village and into the surrounding countryside.

From my childhood home, I know how important community is for a village and how much it can impact the lives of its inhabitants. In my work and free time, conservation and the climate crisis also play a big role and I strongly believe that while the biggest responsibility and power lies with governments and globally operating companies, every individual, and every village can play a vital role to change our future for the better.

As a councillor I am committed to work towards a vibrant and supportive village community and a safe, healthy and sustainable environment for humans, nature and wildlife.