The Girton Local Nature Recovery Plan is a 10-year plan for identifying  and improving priority sites, habitats, and species’ statuses  in our village. A working group of the Parish Council is developing the plan which will be community led and will form part of Girton’s Neighbourhood Plan.

It aims to:

  •  encourage community awareness and inspire action to help nature flourish;
  •  enhance and extend wildlife habitats;
  • to increase the diversity and abundance of wild fauna and flora.



The Local Nature Recovery Plan for Girton

The LNRP for Girton consists of two documents: ‘Context, Aims and Objectives’ which provides background and overview for the Plan and the ‘Plan’ document which states what will be done over the 10 year period. The Plan will be updated and republished annually.

News and events

Hibbert-Ware Memorial Garden – Update

Work is now progressing on the refurbishment of the Garden, which is opposite St Andrew’s Church. The grass areas have been scarified and sown with Yellow Rattle seeds  to help create wildflower meadows (Yellow Rattle plants weaken grass and help other plants to become established).

Compost bins made from recycled wooden pallets  have been constructed. Thanks to everyone in the village who donated these.

New beds for native plants are being dug and sown.

In coming weeks we will be digging and creating a Bog Garden and a Hugelkultur Bed. A Hugelkultur Bed is a raised mound of rotting wood and other compostable material to encourage invertebrates.

We still  need people in the village to grow and supply plants, and to help with digging and planting. If interested, please email  alison.giles@girton-pc.gov.uk to find out more.

The Garden Plan

We wish to refresh the Garden, so it remains true to its original dedication while showcasing wildlife gardening during the climate emergency. It will :

  • Host  a greater variety  of plants that will lead to increased diversity of wildlife
  • Make the garden more accessible so it can be enjoyed by more residents of Girton
  • Act as an exemplar for wildlife friendly approaches to gardening
  • Create more awareness about Alice Hibbert-Ware and her amazing work

A plan for the Garden:
A. Bed in front of the sign with low growing flowers
B. Two nectar borders providing blooms for pollinators in spring and summer
C. Bog garden with yellow flag irises, cotton grass, purple loosestrife and other plants
D. Thatched shelter (when funds allow)
E. Native plant garden borders
F. Shrub border
G. Hugelkultur bed with foxgloves and a path leading around it next to the layed hedge
H. Compost heaps
I. Meadow with paths
J. Garden arches with native honeysuckle and clematis “Old Man’s Beard”
K. Mosaic dedicated to Alice Hibbert-Ware featuring among other things herself and a little owl. (when finds allow)
L. Reintroduction of native trees

Fundraising Appeal

We have a ‘Just Giving’ page at https://www.justgiving.com/crowdfunding/nature-in-girton Any amount you can spare will help.  Funds raised  will go towards trees and plants, tools, bird and bat boxes, and plant hire.

Who was Alice Hibbert-Ware?

Alice Hibbert-Ware was an inspirational naturalist and teacher who lived in our village for the last 13 years of her life between 1931 and 1944. Such was the esteem that Alice was held in that the Parish Council together with Girton College and others set about raising funds for a garden in her memory which opened in 1948.

Particularly notable for her research and report on the Little Owl and described as one of the “unsung heroines of modern ecology”

She was one of the first women elected to the Linnean Society

Alice was also a member of Essex Field Club, the British Mycological Society, London Natural History Society, and was on the Council of the School Nature Study Union

She moved to Girton in 1931 to care for her brother (the vicar of the village at that time)

She worked at the village School, led nature walks, was a member of the Parish Council and was a key figure in the life of the village.

Events for 2024

We have been busy planning events for the coming year. More details to follow but events will include moth trapping sessions, a bat monitoring walk, an open day at Town End Close nature reserve, and a grand opening of the refreshed Hibbert Ware Garden.

Look out for further updates here, in the Girton Parish News, and on the ‘Wild_Girton’ social media feeds.