Pavilion redesign and extension

Girton Parish Council has developed plans for a reorganisation of facilities in the Pavilion and an extended Hall. This was driven by the need to provide a legally compliant accessible Parish Office and the long held ambition to provide a more versatile Sports Hall which would allow wider use as a community centre. A substantial County Council grant and Planning permission have been obtained. As we move towards completing the fine detail of the design we are keen to ensure that, in the absence of a Public Meeting, the village is fully informed on what is planned. While current users have been consulted on their priorities for improvements we would welcome comments and suggestions from the wider village community for possible inclusion in the final construction brief. 

Please send any comments to the usual Parish Office contact addresses.

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Details of the Parish Council’s full planning application for refurbishment and extension of Girton Pavilion can be found below:

Girton Pavillion Client Brief

Existing arrangements

Proposed site plan

Proposed floor plan

Proposed elevations