Open Eco Homes – Autumn Season

Open Eco Homes is back once again with free home tours and expert-led talks. This year’s series of tours and talks will be online and include two new builds, six retrofits (including a church) and five expert-led talks.

Open Eco Homes is a project of local charity Cambridge Carbon Footprint. This year we’re focusing on how to get started reducing energy use at home. Whether you’re looking for ‘easy win’ actions such as draught-proofing or insulation or expert advice to support you to put together a whole house retrofit, we’re here to help. The Open Eco Homes programme of events will run between 13th September and 15th October. More information and booking at

Downing Place URC: Margaret will be hosting an online tour of a recently completed church and halls eco-redevelopment in Cambridge. The buildings now have solar panels, secondary glazing for the stained-glass windows, mechanical ventilation with heat recovery in the smaller rooms and more. Join her online tour to find out more.

More details on the specific tours and talks can be found on our website: